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Anzél Gerber

Specialized individual cello lessons and courses, presented online or in person, to rapidly enhance your level of performance.

Learn and explore techniques to let the music come alive.
Get inspired, motivated and confident.

Top-level performance coaching for competitions, auditions, examinations, concerts.

Alternatively, set your own goals, or work on specific aspects to meet your individual needs.


Many Years of experience

…and countless hours of work with students at various levels of development

about me


2015 Gold medal – Global Music Awards, USA
2012 Overall winner – Ibla Grand Prize International Music Competition, Italy

PERFORMANCES IN EUROPE, USA, ASIA & AFRICA, in renowned halls, including
Carnegie (Weill) Hall NEW YORK, Maly Hall & Rachmaninoff Hall MOSCOW, Auditorio – Museo del Violino CREMONA, Musikverein, VIENNA

Carlos Izcaray, Yasuo Shinozaki, Gérard Korsten, Leslie B. Dunner, Guido Ajmone-Marsan

PhD Music Performance, University of London and Moscow State Conservatory
Post-doctoral research, Temple University, USA, on gifted young cellists around the world

What I offer

Individual online cello lessons and cello courses through Skype.


"Anzel Gerber is the most gifted musician with a rare combination of talents. ….She has developed a very high reputation as a teacher, with exceptional results."
Prof.Alexander Ivashkin

“Anzel Gerber is highly proficient in both the practical and theoretical aspects of cello playing and teaching and has a comprehensive knowledge… ”
Prof. Jeffrey Solow

“Also as a professional cellist, I always endeavour to improve my cello playing. On recommendation, I took master classes from the wonderful concert cellist, Anzél Gerber. Already during the first lesson, my playing improved beyond expectation. I could have never dreamt that deep-rooted technical problems, practiced for many years, could be so effectively solved. I am astonished how much my cello sound has improved!”
Student in Vienna

“Every lesson is interesting and enlightening. I learnt how to incorporate imagination in my performance and how to portray the music effectively when I perform. In addition dr. Gerber taught me how to make a beautiful sautille which is an important part of my bowing technique.”
Student in Taipei

“Dr. Gerber is the kind of teacher who really cares about expression and sound production. She teaches me how to “sing” with the cello. She incorporates technique to serve as a vehicle to create your unique, individual artistic interpretation.”
Student in Cape Town

“It felt like a whole new world had opened for me. During every lesson, dr. Gerber has inspired and motivated me to push my playing forward. The distance between us has not been a problem at all, because even through a screen (Skype), dr. Gerber can analyse what the problem is and how to solve it. Her kindness and support has helped me to believe in myself and that I can become the musician I want to be.”
Student in Oslo