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Developing effortless virtuosity - the teacher training course

After decades of teaching children, youngsters and students at university level and beyond, I have developed methods to enhance effortlessness and virtuosity. As a teenager, I initially experienced problems to play virtuoso pieces with ease, until I could learn from cello professors, who were either studying with Rostropovich´s teacher, Simeon Kozolupov, or with Rostropovich himself. Because of an injury and my rather petite hands, I developed a technique that allowed me to play even the virtuoso violin pieces on the cello.

By applying 10 key principles, effortlessness and virtuosity is now within each cellist´s reach. Knowing what the barriers are and applying techniques to unlock virtuosity, it is my wish to share that knowledge with other teachers, so that the next generation of cellists can unlock their own potential. It is never too early or too late to discover and implement these techniques which will allow you to achieve technical freedom. For this reason, I have decided to develop this teacher training course on how to develop effortless virtuosity.

In this specialized course, comprising 3 training sessions, cello teachers will discover methods to develop effortlessness and virtuosity in their students, from the beginner level up until professional level. The training sessions will be individual sessions (one-to-one), to be able to customize the training to meet your specific needs in a safe environment. The focus of the course will be on discovering and implementing the 10 keys to unlock effortlessness and virtuosity on different levels and phases of a student’s development.

However, as it is my wish that the course meet your specific needs, you may customize the course by selecting your own material to be worked on or by posing problematic teaching questions.

Specific etudes, exercises and course work will be provided to implement and develop the key principles to unlock effortlessness and virtuosity.

The course may be taken online or in person with me in Vienna, Austria.

* * IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you wish to book lessons or courses „in person“, kindly contact me via e-mail (), before making the booking on this system, as we need to discuss suitable dates.  After confirming the exact dates with me, you may proceed and book the „in person“ courses online, on this booking system.

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