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More detailed information about my performance career, can be found on www.anzelgerber.com.


Dr. Anzel Gerber, founder of Celloworld, has established herself as a sought-after soloist, chamber musician, cello teacher and academic. Her passion to share her knowledge and experience, serves as inspiration to teach students around the world. She regularly presents master classes at music institutions and festivals in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa.

Gerber´s art as cellist has been shaped by some of Russia´s most prominent teachers and soloists – all of whom were associates or students of Simeon Kozolupov and Mstislav Rostropovich. After her initial training in South Africa, her country of birth, she studied for three years under Alexander Fedortchenko, in Spain, and continued her studies at the Moscow State Conservatory under Alexander Kniazev. Later she pursued her post-graduate studies under Russia’s legendary cello teacher, Natalia Shakhovskaya.

In 2015 she, in collaboration with Steinway Artist, Ben Schoeman, received the Gold Medal from the Global Music Awards, as well as the overall prize at the Ibla Grand Prize International Music Competition in 2012.

As soloist she has collaborated with numerous conductors, including Gérard Korsten, Guido Ajmone-Marsan, Yasuo Shinozaki, Leslie B Dunner, Gordon Hunt and Robert Maxym. Apart from her solo performances, she performs in various chamber ensembles, including the `Ensemble Kontrapunkte´ in Vienna, Austria, where she is currently based. She often collaborates with contemporary composers, premiering their works.

Her keen interest in talent development of young cellists served as inspiration to undertake doctoral – and post-doctoral research in this field. Dr Gerber received her PhD Music (Performance) from Goldsmiths College, University of London, with Prof Alexander Ivashkin as her supervisor. Her PhD research, entitled Critical success factors in cello training – a comparative study, involved cello training in Germany, Russia, the UK and the USA. In her study, Dr Gerber investigated the syllabi used and performance progress of cello students during the first ten years of cello training in each of the above countries.

She developed a special interest in talent development of highly gifted young cellists and extended her research activities to conduct post-doctoral research at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, with Prof Jeffrey Solow as supervisor. Her post-doctoral research report entitled Gifted music education: an international perspective, involved research on talent management of gifted young cellists between the ages of six and 17, at specialised music institutions in Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Austria, the UK and the USA. A framework for the development of gifted young cellists was constructed for international implementation.

Her students have received prizes at various competitions, and hold scholarships at various international universities inter alia in the UK, USA, and Germany where they continued their post-graduate studies. She is experienced in coaching students in preparation for competitions and auditions, and is often invited to serve as a member of the jury at international competitions and festivals.

Since 2014, she has been teaching students in various countries through Skype.