Book cello Lesson Units

To book one or more lessons, kindly follow the following steps:

  1. Select the desired duration of your session by scrolling down on the DURATION link below.
  2. Select your preferred date from the calendar.
  3. Select your preferred time slot.
  4. Should you wish to book several lessons, each lesson needs to be booked by going back to the session and calendar. (You may also add a combination of items such as lessons, courses or other products to the shopping cart).
  5. Complete the fields on the booking form, with your “Name”, “User e-mail”, “Topic/Technique/Repertoire” click on „BOOK NOW“.
  6. You will be redirected to the shopping cart to complete the payment.
  7. You will receive an e-mail, confirming your booking details.

If you have more questions please see my FAQ or Contact me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the link „BOOK LESSON UNIT“. Select the desired duration of your session and select the preferred date from the calendar. You may also schedule/book several lessons  in one order. Should you wish to book a lesson in another upcoming month, select the forward arrow to go to the desired month.  Remember to select your appropriate time zone. It will automatically convert the time to match my time zone in Vienna, Austria. Select the most convenient available time for you. The calendar will reflect only the available time slots.
Kindly complete all the requested information: “Name”, “User e-mail”, “Topic/Technique/Repertoire”. Then click on „BOOK NOW“.
You will be redirected to the shopping cart where payment can be made through Paypal or by credit card.
You will receive an e-mail, confirming your booking details.

The lesson will only be confirmed once it has been paid for. You may also pay for several units in advance.
Payment can be made through PayPal or alternatively by credit card.
You will automatically receive an email, confirming your lesson with the reserved time slot. Should you not receive an email, kindly check if fit had not landed in your junk folder. Should any error occur, kindly contact me immediately.

You may create your own account, to facilitate with the completion of your personal data and the payment process, upon subsequent scheduling of lessons.

Should you need to reschedule or cancel your lesson, kindly follow the link provided in the confirmation email you have received. Changes are accepted 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. If you cancel before the deadline, you will be fully refunded.
In very rare cases that I have to reschedule, you will be fully refunded and also have the opportunity to reschedule for another convenient time.

You will need a PC/MAC or tablet with a web camera, capable of use with the video call platform, namely Skype. Broadband Internet access is desirable. Although the quality of microphones on most devices would be sufficient, an additional microphone may also be used.

Make sure that your webcamera and laptop are optimally positioned. Although a full view from head to toe, is desirable, it is important that both your right- and left hands, (also when in motion) are fully visable, as well as your face to the cello’s bridge.
(Suggestion: hold a trial call with a friend to ensure that the positioning is right).
If you will be using a mobile device, ensure that you have sufficiently charged your battery or connect to a charger.
Allow time to reboot your computer before the lesson. If you are using Windows, kindly ensure that automatic Windows updates are turned off or set to manual.
For better results, the ‘automatically adjust microphone settings’ box in your Skype should not be used, and thus unchecked.
Minimize internet usage on your computer by closing other programs. These include your email, Facebook and web browsers. Internet usage by other household members should be limited where possible, as big downloads or uploads (computer games, movies etc) can interfere with and slow down the loading speed of your Skype.
Have your cello, sheet music, and pencil ready (also in digital form if you wish!). Tune, warm up and wait for me to call you.

Should you wish to perform a lengthy work during the lesson, you may send me your recording in advance.  We can then watch and discuss it during the lesson. Should you prefer that I watch the video before your scheduled lesson time, this needs to be arranged by email beforehand.

The making of an audio or video recording of your lesson is permitted on the following conditions:
– it is used exclusively for your personal educational purposes
– only the cellist playing during the lesson is permitted to listen to, or watch the recorded lesson.
– it is strictly prohibited to share the recorded material in any form or manner to any third party, without prior written consent from Celloworld.

Should you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact me!