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Cello. Practice. Performance

Michelangelo has been one of the most inspirational figures of all times. Not only is his sculptures and other works of art a reflection of artistic excellence, but his thoughts and writings on art, as well.

He once said: „I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free“.  The ability to fully envisage and comprehend the final product/object before the physical action to create the object is  performed, is a trait that „genius“ artists posess – regardless whether they are composers, painting artists, sculpturers, musicians etc. The question then arises if this ability can be trained as a skill.

Michelangelo gives us insight into the answer to this question. He pertains that „it is necessary to keep one´s compass in one´s eyes and not in the hand, for the hand executes, but the eye judges“. If this statement is being applied to musicians, it can be said that the ear is the musician´s compass. Thus, if the ear can be trained to be a reliable compass, the creation of sound as work of art, can be limitless.

Through this blog, I will endeavour to share ideas on strategies and techniques to enhance musical performance. These include the development of the musician´s ear, inner hearing, mental training and creativity as pathways towards reaching performance excellence.

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